Hi, I'm KP and I'm a maker from Atlanta hacking together no-code products and web apps. My first stint with no-code projects was "Do Things That Don't Scale" which went onto become the No#1 Product of the day on Product Hunt. My motivation for UnDeck came from watching so many founder friends/peers get annoyed due to the lack of a unified home for all the relevant AND high-quality resources needed to build pitch decks.

This is a fairly recurring problem expressed by many people on the internet. Even superstar founders like Mathilde Collin (CEO, Front) seem to have struggled with this, "When I turned to Google to get some inspiration, I was very disappointed by the lack of examples available, especially in the SaaS space. I more or less had to start from a blank canvas."

I love studying and analyzing pitch decks so I figured I could help collect resources for founders who need to start from scratch. I decided to take all of my saved bookmarks that are mostly FREE resources and turn them into an interactive searchable site. I am planning to keep this as an open-source collection and would love for you to join me in keep the resource list up-to-date as we go. This project is definitely inspired by amazing open-source pioneers like UnSplash and UnDraw. Thank you for checking out this little pet project of mine & hope you'll find some value as you browse around.

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